Soldering Brass

I’ve not tried this before, but having spoken to someone at the Asylum last month it sounded dead easy so I decided to give it a go.  Turns out it’s dead easy!

Here’s my first try, a sort of lens holder:

It took abit of trial and error but I’m quite pleased with the result.   Not bad for a first effort.   The ‘lens’ is actually the front of a watch.  I can see quite a few possibilities for making steampunk goggle here, so much so that I’ve just ordered 100 watch faces off ebay ;0)

Here’s another pic:

Once I’d had abit of a practice.  I turned the blowtorch on the steampunk mask I’m making.  Everything’s now securely fastened together.  It was always abit of a challenge to get cogs and gears to stick together, so much easier now you can simply solder them in place.

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