Steampunk Mask Mk II

I’m continuing to work on my commissioned piece which is a replica of my previous steampunk mask.  I’m enjoying the opportunity to improve on the original this time round.  Here I’ve started on the lens apparatus that sits on the side of the mask.

This was previously made from bits of broken camera which were painted brass.  This time round I’m fashioning them from brass sheet and a variety of bits and pieces including spy holes which are normally installed in doors and a variety of plumbing pieces.  The copper pipe is car brake pipe.

I’m quite pleased with it – it looks a hell of alot cleaner and realistic than the original version.

I’ve just bought a blow torch which I’ll be using to solder the copper and brass elements together. Should make things nice and secure however and should hopefully look quite nice too.

I’ve not done any soldering of this type before (only for electronics) so I was actually unaware you could solder brass and copper.  It looks pretty easy from what I’ve seen online so I’m eager to have a go.

It opens up a wide range of possibilities if I can get the hang of it however as half the battle when making stuff out of found objects is figuring out how to attach them together.

Here’s a close up of the lens pieces.  I’ll be putting blue LEDs behind them so they should have a decent glow coming out of them.

Finally here’s a pic with the first few dreadlocks attached to the leather skull cap.

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