Bits and Pieces

I’ve been working on a variety of bits and pieces for upcoming projects.  Progress was halted for a while as I managed to blow my computer up(!); I bought a new graphics card so I could run Element, the new 3D plugin for After Effect from Video Copilot.  Everything was working OK but I was rendering a fairly intensive shot and the computer flicked itself off and refused to POST after that.  I think the new GPU and PSU I got to power it were just too powerful for the motherboard to handle and it burnt out (that’s a guess, either way it don’t work no more).

This meant a new motherboard and processor etc, so now £300+ later I’m back up and running.  It’s not a total disaster as I was planning on upgrading anyway and I do now have a fairly powerful setup which should hold me in good stead for future projects, but still, money! *sobs*

I’ll be posting some 3D shots soon as I’ve got to grips with the new software.  It is really good though so I’m excited by the possibilities.

Anyway, so apart from spending buckets of cash I’ve been working on some new steampunk items.  This is a half corset which will be accompanied by a potion belt.  The cannister comes with a vague notion of it being some kind of potion dispenser!

I made this from a corset pattern so it should fit quite well (a friend of mine, not me ;0).  I’ll post some pics once it’s all done.  Here it is before and after dying.

I’ve also been working on a belt which incorporates a clock face.  Maybe some kind of timetraveller belt? ;0)

Finally the Dead Beyond Buried video is ongoing.  Unfortunately our venue fell through so we’ve had a mad scrabble to find somewhere else to shoot.  Hopefully we’ve now found somewhere but time is getting short as they’re of fon tour at the end of september.

Here’s a false arm I’ve put together for a few shots where the lead singers arm is severed.  Should look quite good once it’s covered in blood and lit correctly.

I’ve also done a few shots for some ‘please turn off your phone’ messages that played at this years Frightfest so I’ll post those soon as they’re online.

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