Dead Beyond Buried

I’ve been doing some work for the metal band Dead Beyond Buried.  I’ve known the guys for years and they happen to be a pretty bloody amazing band.

I’ve been putting together a website for them which you can see here.

Here’s a vid of John playing ‘Dripping Black Bile’.

The main item however is a music video for their song ‘Cold Black Stars’ which will be on their new album ‘ The Dark Era’.

As you’d imagine the song has a space theme which is right up my alley so I’ve been churning out FX shots of supernovas and spinning neutron stars.

The concept I have is to begin with a red giant going supernova then follow it collapsing first into a neutron star then have that begin spinning faster and fast until it turns into a quasar.  Not 100% scientifically accurate but there’s a basic idea there ;0)

We’ve shot some practice footage which I’ve used to knock together a rough edit of the video but we’re due to shoot the main video at a pretty decent location in london, so fingers crossed that’ll all come together.

I can’t really post any footage just yet but I can probably get away with a few stills from some of the FX shots.

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