I’ve finally finished sculpting the shoulder armour.  Took me ages to think of anything to put on the front of the shield.  In the end I went for a skull.  You can’t go wrong with a skull.

I then moulded it in silicon and gave it a fibre glass support case.

Here’s the finished mould.  Came out rather well actually, only one air bubble.

And here’s a cast ready to be cleaned up and painted.

3 Responses to “Shoulder Armour”
  1. JanA says:

    Very well done,
    you could tell that it really looked like the medieval era armours… :)
    the details are nicely done…

  2. Hyde says:

    Great pics, I am really digging the detailed sculpting.
    If I understand it right
    1) You sculpt the clay over the white stuff (what is the white piece made of?)
    2) silicone over that (type of silicone used?)
    3) fill silicone mold with resin mix (liquid and cloth) and place over original clay (to keep shape)

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