I’ve been working on the ‘aliens attack london’ project and the spaceship/drone thing is taking shape.   I’ve recently bought an airbrush so I’ve been painting the model.  I’ve got to say this thing is great!  There’s no way I could’ve painted the model in this way with a regular brush.

Since you can add very fine layers of paint it’s possible to add very subtle shading in around raised areas which gives it a kind of faux shadow effect.

It’s also quite fun to do!  I wanna make more stuff just so I can paint it ;0)

One small problem is you do end up with a very fine mist of paint all over the place.  As I’m using enamel paints and thinning it with white spirit, that means that you end up with a fine mist of white spirit in the air which isn;t great to breath in, so a respirator is a must.

Might try using acrylics instead just so I don;t gas myself.

I’m getting close to finishing the model now too – I want to try and get a metallic sheen to the underside of the model, it’s only black at the moment.  But apart from that most of it’s now built.

Once I’ve finished off the main build and painted it I also need to add electronics to power some LEDs, particularly in the ‘eye’.

Anyway, here are some more pics of the model.

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