Invasion London

So I recently did a video of the BT Tower exploding:

And I couldn’t help feeling that what it could really use is an alien drone of some sort flying past shooting it as it explodes.  So I set about making one.

This is made out of a variety of bits of junk – there’s a coke can in there, yoghurt pots etc.  The main structure is made from a plastic u-bend kit for fixing a sink.  That’s then overlaid with a shell made from cardboard overlaid with fibreglass.  The ‘eye’ is a halogen bulb and light fitting.  The overall shape is inspired by a news story I saw about some giant shrimp!  It’s also got some elements of the Hunter Killer from Terminator and ‘The Betty’ from Alien 4 (crap film, great miniature work!).

I’ve  just bought an air brush and compressor with which to paint it.

So once this is finished I’ll be shooting it greenscreen and creating a short ‘aliens invade london’ sequence.  Should be fun.

I’ve also been designing some elements to augment the model.  Here’s an energy ball element that I’ll be compositing into it’s ‘eye’.  The background is a picture of the Joint European Torus, a fusion reactor and there’s also a pic of the ATLAS detector from the Large Hadron Collider in CERN ;0)

And finally here’s a gallery of images of the model.

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