I’ve finished a quick steampunk vid.  This is an advert for the ‘Krakomatic 5000’, the gun used in Beast of the Air.  It’s similar in style to the advert we did for Slatters Electro Mechanical Personal Steam Powered Power Plant and Geist Goggles a while back.

Obviously I’ve got some slightly more sophisticated effects software since then so I wanted to up the ante a little and do some effects like the ghost characters which were partially done using a tutorial from Video Co-pilot.

The rest of the shots new although many used elements from Beast of the Air.  I also got hold of a new plugin called ‘Twitch’, also from Video Co-pilot, which allows you to add flickering video effects which I used for some of the film noise in the video.

In other news I’ve also recently bought a plugin for After Effects called Trapcode Particular.  This is a particle engine by Red Giant Software and is a little more sophisticated than the particle systems that come with After Effects (although they’re pretty good on their own to be honest).

Here’s a small test.  It’s best watched in HD as you can make out the individual particles abit better.  I’ll be doing some more vids as I get to grips with it ;0)

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