T is for Tokophobia

DSC_2154So here’s a short flick from the diseased minds of James Pearcey and Russ Would of Ne’er Do Well Films, the guys behind To My Mother and Father.

I swear I didn’t come up with the idea for this, however whenever James wants to abuse a foetus I’m the guy he comes to.  In fact this was quite an attractive project as it gave me the opportunity to not only make a small rubber puppet (pictured to the left) but also to work on some After Effects shots.

The foetus/embryo/whatever it is was sculpted in chavant oil clay and I then made a small plaster mold.  It was cast in TinSil from Mouldlife and painted with their silicon pigments.

The After Effects shots weren’t too demanding luckily – they wanted to start on an extreme close up of a pregnancy test and then pull back to a wide shot at the beginning of the film and then zoom back in at the end of the film.  The zoom in was initially going to be to a piece of thread but was later changed to a puddle of blood.

I motion tracked the pregnancy test and added a red solid onto the pregnancy test within After Effects.  I then used a virtual camera to zoom in and out.  The end shot was stationary so that was very simple zoom in, again with a 3D camera.

Halfway through it turned out we were going to be shooting on 16mm and Stephen Murphy (who also worked on To My Mother and Father) would be the DP which was exciting as it’s given the film a very professional look.  It also meant I got the opportunity to work with some .dpx files which are a series of still frames taken from a digital scan of the film print rather than simple DV.  This is something I’ve not worked with before so it was a good experience and After Effects handled everything perfectly which was great although file sizes can get abit humongous.

So here’s the film.  I should warn you it’s pretty strong stuff (Tokophobia is a fear of becoming pregnant), but bare in mind it’s designed to push your buttons and freak you out.  To give it some context, this has been entered into the ABC’s of Death film competition so you’re not going to get a rom com and please do give it a vote here.

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