Summoning the Kraken

Just returned from Windemere where, other than holidaying, I was filming some establishing shots for the Beast of the Air video I’m working on (and very close to finishing).

Here’s a still of the view, which was quite pleasant.  I’ve used some video of this scene for the opening shot.


I know what you’re thinking – what a nice view, but what it really needs is a giant steampunk tower in the background.  Well look no further, here’s the model I’m currently working on which will finally grace the forested hill on the left.

The idea is that the tower has been ‘steampunked’ itself and so it’s broken areas have been clad in brass panelling.  The airship will be docked at the platform that sticks out the side.

The chorus of the songs says that ‘the beast of the air wails a sing, wails a song to keep us dreaming’, so I figured that a sky kraken hunter might attract the beast by playing it’s song back at it, to summon it from the heavens, hence the rather large megaphone attached to the top.  This’ll be attached to some rather large steam engines I think to generate enough power to summon the kraken!

Or something.


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