Kew Steampunk Exhibition

So I went along to the exhibition this saturday.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I’d not heard all that much about it since last year.  As it turned out I found myself on a panel in front of an audience answeringquestions with Herr Doktor which is something of an honour as his stuff is bloomin’ magnificent.  I am not worthy.

DSC_0247Here’s his steampunk space helmet. Fantastic

So that was a little unexpected and a trifle terrifying, but everyone was most pleasant and we had a good chat about building crazy contraptions out of junk.  Which to me at least is what steampunk is great for.

There was also a german TV crew doing the rounds so I think we got videoed doing the panel discussion then everyone piled onto the steam train they have at Kew and went around the block about five times whilst it was covered from every conceivable angle.

I stayed off so I could take some pics and vid which you can see below.

We also got interviewed abit later on and ended up having the same conversation about four times whilst being filmed from different angles.  All good fun.

The exhibition itself is great – they’ve put steampunk items throughout the museum so you sometimes have a hard time guessing which ones are genuine historical pieces and which ones are steampunk.  Not always though.

Here’re a few pics of various bits and pieces.

And here’s a vid of the day:

I also found a video of the first time we were down there, last year.

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