Beast of the Air test shoot

So we spent the weekend testing the new steampunk props I’ve been building.  This was partly to make sure they fit and weren’t too uncomfortable to wear.    I also wanted to check that I could actually combine all the elements together well enough to make our effort worth it!

Hint: putting up a green screen in gale force winds is not a good idea.


We also took the opportunity to do a few little skits which I’ll be posting in abit.  In the meantime here’re some pics.


I also wanted to do a few test shot so here’s a quick video of tom being bothered by a tentacle.  I threw this together just to see how it would look. The motion track isn’t quite right – this is my first go with Mocha which is a motion tracking program that comes with after effects.  I think a few orange tennis balls placed strategically on the ground might be useful to give the computer something to lock on to.

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