Spinning the Compass

DSC_0119So I was up at six this morning and into Crystal Palace Park to shoot the first segment of a new music video.  This is to accompany the title track of my brothers steampunk album Spinning the Compass.

Luckily the weather behaved itself and we spent several hours with Tom wandering around wearing the steampunk goggles I recently made.  Didn’t get too many odd looks, so maybe all the joggers are used to such things.

Crystal Palace Park is great for steampunk as it features a victorian dinosaur theme park (which we took full advantage of) and loads of cool victorian architecture left over where the palace once stood.  The statue pictured above looked very nice partially silhouetted against the morning sky.

It’s kind of par for the course to do this kind of video in a mock sepia effect with a film grain filter with scratches and noise added.    I’m trying to avoid doing that this time, instead I’m going to desaturate the whole thing, not to make it black and white but to give it a slight monotone feel.  I may leave the above shot untouched though as it does look quite nice ;0)

The monotone look will be balanced with a ‘lamp-lit’ orange hued sequence shot inside which will feature shadow puppets. This is kind of narrative driven so I won’t give much more away than that.

We were trying to keep the reveal of Tom in his getup til abit later on, so alot of the initial sequence has been shot focussed on foreground objects and keeping tom out of focus moving about in the background til ‘the reveal’ pictured below.

We’ve got some nice shots so far – I’m just assembling an initial edit.  Seem to have shot tons of footage though – there’s over twenty minutes and it’s only a five minute song!  With a load of additional stuff to shoot think we might have to make some harsh cuts…….!


3 thoughts on “Spinning the Compass

  1. That might be a way to go.

    You remember I was originally talking about doing an episodic thing? It might be cool to use different bits of different songs rather than simply whacking one song over the video.

    It’s handy having access to the original songs and author ;0)

    We’ll take stock once we’ve shot the remaining sequences. I think we can probably edit it down OK, but we may have to jettison some ideas.

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