Precious Things

DSC_0974I’m making some steampunk goggles for my brother.  This was kind of going to be a secret but the desire to tell people was getting too strong and he emailed me earlier and suggested doing a steampunk music video for one of his songs, so it seemed like a good opportunity to mention it to him.

They’re made of various bits of junk:  the main body is a set of plastic welding goggles covered in leather effect material from a table mat that I got from a pound shop.  The main eye extension thing is one half of an old set of binoculars that I got off ebay and there’s half a pair of old glasses attached to a medical probe on the other eye.

The final piece will have alot more mechanical gubbins on the left lens – I’ve got a small 3 inch brass telescope on the way, also from ebay.  I’ve also ordered a pressure gauge which will be part of a small power plant that’ll be worn on the arm.

This’ll connect to the googles via  a bunch of cables (probably a silver shower hose) to make it look like there’s a kind of steam powered generator powering the thing.

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