DSC_0923I’m nearing completion of the sculptures for the werewolf project now. That includes the embryo, the old dude and the stop motion puppet of the wolf. The last bit I’m doing is adding the finishing touches to the old dudes arms then I’ll be able to move on to making the moulds.

This is one of the least enjoyable bits to be honest but it’s gotta be done. They’re gonna be plaster molds with a wood and glass fibre support frame.

You have to kind of tell yourself to stop after a while – you can go on detailing sculpture to infinity but you get to a point where they’re detailed enough to pass muster. ┬áTo be honest I’ve been carrying on detailing them after I strictly needed to simply because I hate making moulds so much! ┬áStill can’t avoid it forever……

3 thoughts on “Moulds

  1. Hi what do you use to sculpture? whats that green material? i use clay and ive never seen that green before. is it better than normal clay? i make sculptures for molds and i try to make a silicone or latex mask like spfx masks

  2. That’s Chavant which is an oil based clay. It doesn’t dry so it’s easier to use than normal water based clay as you don’t need to continually wet it. It’s less messy too. You can make moulds from it for making masks quite easily. Plaster moulds don’t stick to it so they work quite well.

  3. thank you very much, i didnt supose i found it in Poland but i found! Its really great not messy and it doesnt stick to plaster. I read it includes wax, oli and doesnt include sulfur so it does not affect the hardening of the rubber which is very useful for me. thank you

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