Hmmmmm, rubbery.

I’ve done the first cast from the werewolf mould. I’ve previously only made pour and injection moulds, this time round I’m pasting the silicon into the mould as the silicon I’m using (Tinsil) has a thixotropic agent which you can use to thicken it up enough to make it brushable. This was then backed up with a layer of fibre glass to support it.

Brushing in the silicon has led to more air bubbles than usual, but that’s not too difficult to fix – as this is a tin based silicon I can use silicon bathroom sealant to fill in the gaps as it’ll bond to it.

I may do another cast and be a little more careful this time round though. I’ve also found you can make the silicon really stretchy by adding an equal amount of ‘deadener’ so that might be worth a go.

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