More werewolf stuff

Couple of bits.  I’ve actually taken a slight break from doing the werwolves as I’ve been ebaying a load of stuff so I could buy a new camera to shoot the final vid on.

That’s all done now and I’m the proud owner of a Nikon D90 which (for all you cameraphiles out there) is a digital SLR which also shoots 720p vid. The advantage of this over a regular camcorder is you can use your SLR lenses to get some excellent video effects. Here’s some test vid using an f1.8/35mm lens.

I’m also starting to make the molds now- partly because I’ve run out of clay halfway through building the old man so I need the clay from the werewolf sculpt.

Here’re some pics of the old man:

And here’re some pics of the molds:

I’m laminating the plaster with glass fibre to give it some structural strength.

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