Final Sculpture

Finally finished my sculpture course.  Quite happy with the finished piece too, especially considering it was done in about 7-8 hours.  Once we’d finished the sculpture we had to prepare it for firing which, crazily, involved cutting it in half and removing it from the armature then scooping out most of the clay from the interior.  This was so that it wasn’t too thick to be fired.  This seemed absolutely mad to me – it’s such a destructive way to work – you spend hours working on your piece getting it ‘perfect’, then you risk completely destroying it by chopping it up.

If the firing process can’t handle think layers or clay perhaps a you could sculpt it over a lump of wax or something that would melt as the clay was fired.  It seems mad to have to cut it in half.

Anyway, I decided not to get mine fired as I have no idea what I would’ve done with the finished piece, so I squished it and chucked it back in the bag of clay.

More pics available here!

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