0.L.Droid almost finished!

DSC_0938 (4)Been filming my ‘short’ Oldroid video.  I had only intended it to be a minute or so long, it’s getting on for about five minutes now!  I’ve done an arm for the Oldroid which he’s been lacking up to now.  This was sculpted in chavant and I decided to do a quick mold with plaster as I didn’t want to spend too much time screwing around with it, however as it turns out using plaster worked out really well as chavant doesn’t stick to plaster.  Having spent ages recently cleaning chavant out of fibre glass molds this is abit of a revelation.  Even better, platsil also doesn’t stick to plaster either.  Awesome.

I was worrying that I’d made the hand abit too big after all that, however I’ve found that if you have the camera above the model it looks OK (phew).

Also had abit of a problem painting the platsil – as it’s platinum based rubber rather than tin based my bathroom sealant / oil paint/ white spirit method won;t adhere to it.  I’ll have  to have abit more of an experiment with that one.

Anyway, just doing the sound effects then the video should be done, wahoo!

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