Sculpture, of course.

sculpture03We’ve started a new sculpt on the course this week, which I’m quite relieved about as I wasn’t really that happy with my previous one.  This time we have a lady model and I started this sculpt without worrying too much about measuring out proportions which is how I usually go about these things.  I just started sticking blobs of clay together and let things progress.  The tutor had us take the slightly unusual step this week of working on each others sculptures for a time.  I think the idea was to try and give us a different perspective on how other people view things.  I think everyone felt abit uneasy about interfering with someone elses work at first, but we eventually got used to it.  When I got back I found someone had actually added to the back of my sculpture which I’d been working on and started the arms which was nice!  I’m quite pleased with the way this one is going actually, so I’m looking forward to next week.


We’ve also been asked to give a short talk about two artists as a kind of small research project I guess.  I volunteered to kick things off and I think I’m going to talk about Stan Winston and H.R. Geiger.  Both are obviously abitpredator‘filmy’ as you may expect and perhaps not the ‘traditional’ artist that the tutor may have been envisaging, however I think they have  something over more ‘traditional’ art and artists.  While your ‘average’ sculptor make create his piece perhaps in clay, then fire it, at that point he’s pretty much done.  Your FX artist will sculpt it in clay, but then cast it up in rubber, paint it, add articulation to it and turn it into a living breathing character (more or less).   Then it gets lit and filmed, and perhaps augmented by a dude with a computer (or these created entirely on computer, but that’s another story ;0).

There seems so much more to it in the film world, or is it just me?


In other news I’ve ordered 5.5 L of TinSil Gel silicon rubber and 2L of PlatSil Gel plus some pigments.  This may not seem particularly exciting, but believe me this is abit like christmas.

The  reason for this rubbery splurge is that the place I get my usual silicon has stopped selling it as the manufacturers gone bust so I’ve been forced to go elsewhere.  This is kinda good as TinSil and PlatSil are the more ‘pro’ types of silicon so I’ve bought these partly to finish off a previous project, but also to have abit of a practice with them.  I may start this werewolf idea I’ve had knocking about in my head as well.

Should probably finish off the Oldroid one first……

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  1. No doubt you have tried ” Mouldlife – distribute Polytek silicone and also Bentley chemicals who do smooth on products think there are more too.

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