Almost Done

So almost done painting the Embryo now.  I must admit this has proved far tougher than I’d anticipated – painting silicon is bloody awkward and I was panicking abit thinking it was going to look crap.  Luckily, I think it’s OK.  I didn’t like the look of it much but it seems to photograph just fine.

See what you think.  Just gotta make the umbilical cord and I’m done!  Oh, I’m also punching some hair into it’s head.  I thought it’d be cool to see the hair moving abit once it’s in the jar and covered in liquid.

Painting Embryos

So I’ve started painting the embryo now.  It’s abit of a try and see approach with painting silicon.  You basically have to mix oil paints with rubber to do it then layer it on in very thin washes.  This approximates the look of skin as you get layers of transparency.

I’ve painted on the veins first and these should be visible through the flesh tones that are applied over them.  A fair bit of red is mixed in as well so try and approximate the look of blood under the skin.

Giving Birth

I’m happy to say that at 2am last night I gave birth to a 2 foot long deformed foetus.

Not literally of course, but I did pull it from it’s mold at that time and it was abit of a nightmare to get out too!

The cast’s not too bad. I need to clean off the flashing – that’s the bits hanging off around the middle where the silicon has got between the two halves of the mold.

There’s also a few areas that the silicon didn’t entirely cover so I’m going to re-cast those sections. I thought it would be cool if, instead of trying to attach them back on seamlessly so you can’t see the join, I would sew them on so it looks as though the foetus has been experimented upon at some point.

I’ll also be painting it to make it look a little more lifelike and hopefully approximate the concept pic below.

I’ve been shooting the various stages of the casting process so here’s a vid showing it go from sculpture to rubber puppet. Might be abit dry unless you’re interested in such things of course!

Even more Embryos

Another photoshop, this time examining possibilities for the finished look of the thing.

I very much want to get a look that shows off the underlying blood vessels. As it’s an embryo and thus not fully developed I figured you’d see more of this than you normally would on a fully grown creature.

The photoshop has several layers of blood vessels showing through at various levels of transparency.

The final puppet will be cast in semi-translucent silicon over a basic form comprised of rubber blood vessels. This will hopefully approximate what can be seen in the above pic.

Higher res version here: