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I recently attended the annual Steampunks in Space event at the National Space Centre in Leicester.  I’ve exhibited my sculptures there before but this time round I also ceated a piece specifically for the event.  They ran a ‘space race’ exhibition for sculptures along a steampunk/space theme, so this is my piece.  It’s a silicon rubber sculpture built over a shop mannequin and then dressed in various pieces of steampunk kit that I’ve built over the years.



I’ll have a complete build log on this on youtube channel soon, but for the time being here’s a quick video from the event.

And here’re some more pics of the piece! :)

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Here’s a video of my weekend at Steampunks in Space at The National Space Centre in Leicester.

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I spent the last weekend in Leicester exhibiting at the annual Steampunks in Space event. It was a fun weekend and nice to show off my various creations. I’m currently editing a video of the event which I’ll hopefully have up this week.





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So I spent the weekend in the National Space Centre in Leicester for Steampunks in Spaaaaaaace!  This is the third year of the event and my second as an exhibitor.  It was noticeably busier than the previous year and I was surprised to see something like 200 people show up at 10am on saturday!  I had alot of people come up to say hi and take a look and it was nice to share my stuff with people.  It spends most of it’s time in my front room, so nice to give it an airing ;)  Alot of people were interested in how the sculptures were made so it was also nice to talk shop with people.

Here’re some pics of my stand and the makers area.


DSC_8193 (1) DSC_8197 (1)
DSC_8185 DSC_8196

I also did a quick vid!

I decided to concentrate on sculptures this year.  My two co-exhibitors Herr Doktor and Arty Piston-Broke each have their own disicipline – Herr Doktor has the hard edged modelling covered (check out his tripods ;) ) where-as Arty Piston concentrates more  on costumes and props.  There’s abit of an overlap as both me and Herr Doktor have several gadgets and costume pieces too, but I figured I’d mostly bring sculptures so there was abit more of a distinction between us.

However I did bring a few gauntlets with me which did garner a fair bit of attention.  Might have to bring a few along next year – people liked trying them on ;)


I also took the mask for a quick whirl around the space center.  Mostly to scare people you understand ;)



Finally, you may have noticed I seem to have gained a rather fetching green coat in this pic.  This was made for me by my friends Jon and Sue.  I’d made them some steampunk goggles a while back back and they reciprocated in spectacular fashion with this amazing custom made coat!  Jon is open to commissions so do give him a shout – there’s more info on his blog.

dscf9293 dscf9294

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I’ll be in Lecicester this coming weekend for Steampunks in Space, the National Space Center’s annual steampunk event.  I’ve been there two years in a row now, although I was only exhibiting for the first time last year.  It should be good, so if you’re local do come along ;)

Here’re just a few pieces I’ll be taking along.  There’ll be plenty more ;)

DSC_7666 DSC_7903a DSC_4552
970429_10151981006682343_2419679687360051250_n il_570xN.598805059_tbli

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So here’re some pics of my table at Steampunks in Space, an event held in Leicester’s National Space Center.

It was a fun weekend and I had lots of people coming up and taking a look which was nice.  It’s the largest display of my stuff I’ve ever done.

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I mentioned previously that I’d be exhibiting a few items at The National Space Center in Leicester for their Steampunks in Space event.

To that end I’m doing a few new pieces with a space theme.  This one is a space adventurer.  There’ll be a breathing mask on the arm coming across her shoulder.

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Looks like I’ll be exhibiting some stuff at Leicester’s Space Center this November for their (what’s become) annual Steampunks in Space event.

I went last year (although I wasn’t exhibiting) and had a great time so I’m looking forward to this one.  I also have plenty of notice to come up with some new pieces :)

Here’re some pics from last years event.

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