Finished Bat Thing

I’ve finished the Bat Thing.  Here’s the final painted version.  I’m quite pleased with the way this has come out.  I airbrushed the sculpey with various blues, greens, yellows and reds.  The colouring’s come out quite subtle I think and looks quite realistic, so I’m keen to do some more larger scale sculptures.

The original idea for this was that I was going to blast it with a heat gun.  I’d noticed a while ago that if you hit sculpey with a heat gun it goes lumpy like textured skin.  So I was going to create a scaley/burnt skin type creature.  As it turned out the sculpture ended up with quite a gentle look and so the skin idea didn’t seem appropriate.

The problem was that I’d built the sculpture too large to fit into the oven, and as I wasn’t going to use a heat gun I needed a way to cook it.  In the end I came up with the idea of opening the oven and sitting the sculpture on the open door.  I then built a tin foil tent around the sculpture to contain the heat.  This worked quite well which is handy as it opens the possibility of doing larger scale items in sculpey.