Surrey Steampunk Convivial

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention I took a few bits and bobs along to the Surrey Steampunk Convivial a few weeks ago.  We had a small exhibition in the illustrious location of the church hall kitchen 😉

It was nice to be able to share my various sculptures with people as they’ve only seen the inside of my front room so far.  As usual the mask proved popular.  One chap said he was using it as his facebook profile picture which was nice.

My gauntlet also garnered a fair bit of interest.  Here’s Pandora and Lance modelling it!  I was thinking I should set up a stall where people can come and try on my stuff 😉

And here’s a pic of the angel.  I’ve not had a chance to do a proper batch of photos of this one yet, so that’s due.

Here’re a few more pics too.


I’ve been putting off painting the face of my angel for ages.  The only reason I’ve done so is because I’m displaying it soon!

EDIT: I’ve just realised I haven’t previously posted anything about this model.  Whoops!  I don’t have any pictures of the full piece yet (mostly because it’s not entirely finished).  I’ll post some when I have them.

The main reason I’ve not painted it is because I’ve been afraid of screwing it up.  It’s too small for me too easily airbrush and from experience I know that painting sculpey like this needs to be done subtlely, something that’s easy with an airbrush, less so with a paint brush.

Nevertheless, now that I have painted it I’m quite please with it, and I’ve even started to like the model as a whole a little more!

It’s not quite as subtle as I’d like but it does make the face seem so much more alive.  Here it is with only a small amount of paint earlier in the build:

And here it is painted.  It’s alive!

There’s still more to painting to do on the rest of the model to be honest, but it’s good enough to display.