The Asylum 2013

Got back from the Lincoln Steampunk Asylum yesterday.  Had a great time seeing all the amazing costumes people had put together.

Here’re some pics.

This was also the first outing for the steam engine back pack thing (still not worked out what to call it!).

It was pretty comfortable to wear and didn’t fall apart or anything!

I also spotted one of my masks being warn in someone elses photos!

The Asylum

I’m currently working on a few items for the upcoming Steampunk festival in Lincoln.  The first is a trophy that will be awarded the winning filmat the film festival.  It’s constructed out of various copper and brass pieces.  I just need to sort out some sort of base to stand it on.

I’m also working on my new costume for the weekend.  This will be worn on the back and pipes will extend to a mechanical arm piece.  Should look quite nice hopefully 😉