Oldroid II, now with teeth.

An update on the Oldroid.  I’ve made some teeth – these were sculpted in chavant and then moulded in silicon.  I’ve cast them up in resin with a white pigment and then painted them with enamel paint.

I’ve also been adding more mechanical detailing to the body.  I’ve started off with a fibre glass back which will be covered by clothing.  I’ve then glued in a load piping.  I also need to create some mechanical parts to add to the interior of the arm joint so it looks like it has a working mechanism.

Bruce Campbell, or was that Mel Gibson?

Here’re some more pics of the oldroid which is slowly taking shape.  People have variously said that he looks like Bruce Campbell or  Mel Gibson!  Not sure I see it myself.

This is only now beginning to look like the image I had in my head for the piece.   I’ll be adding more machinery to the interior soon and painting the fleshy chest piece.  I’ll also be adding a torn and burnt shirt and also an arm with silicon hand.  I also want to make some leather steampunk accessories for him to wear – maybe some sort of eye lens and forearm bracer.

Oldroid II taking shape

A quick pic of the new Oldroid taking shape.  Abit bare bones at the mo.  The main structure is made from 15mm copper pipe which I’ve soldered together.  Had to get a slightly more powerful blow torch which is slightly scary to use however the pipe does provide a very solid frame to build on.

The torso is cast from the mold of the old guy I was making a while back.  I’ll be adding a load of machine parts to fill theinterior and some torn up clothing.

Oldroid II painted cast

I’ve been painting the cast using the usual mix of silicon pigments, bathroom sealant and white spirit.   I’ve been using paint brushes –  I’m not willing to risk sticking that mix in my airbrush, it’ll clog it straight away!

I’d probably get a better result with the airbrush, although this is a 1/3 scale cast so I’d still need to use brushes for fine detail.

There are some paints out there for silicon, Smooth-ons psycho paint for example, but that seems to be for platinum based silicon which is more expensive – I’m using tinsil here.  To be honest I’ve not found much of a difference between platinum and tin silicons other than platinum being more expensive and more difficult to paint!

Anyway, I digest…

I’m quite please with the way this has come out – there’s a degree of subtlety to the colours that I’ve not really managed before. It photographs better than it looks in real life if I’m honest (although it looks OK in real life too!).

Here’s a before and after:

and some additional pics: