I’ve started work again on those steampunk goggles that I was working on a while back.

The main issue I had with them the first time around was that I was using found objects to create the mechanical lenses.  This meant that I tended to stall if I didn’t have the right bits!

I’ve now started making them out of copper tubing and using miniature port holes from model ships for the lenses.  Much easier – I’ve managed to churn out about 20 lens assemblies in a day or two.  Now to attach them all to some goggles….

I’ve also managed to get rid of the jubilee clips I was using to fasten the lenses in place.  You can see them in the below pic.  They worked OK but I never thought they looked that great.  If you could get them in brass that’d be preferable but no seems to do decorative ones!  I’ve simply started sewing the leather in place now.  Much easier.

In other news I’ve put together a bracer for a friend’s birthday.  I quite like the purple leather dye.

Steampunk Gauntlet III

I’ve finished what began as a bracer and has now become a gauntlet.  I had an idea of having some pistons driven by the motion of the wearer so I’ve added brass tubing with aluminium rods hinged at the joints of the fingers.

I wore it to a steampunk club night on saturday.  It also doubles as a very good mechanical drinking arm ;0)

Steampunk Bracer

I’ve started making a new steampunk bracer.  I’ve previously made a gauntlet but as that was more or less my first attempt it was a little crude.

This time round I wanted to make something a little more elegant so I’ve tried to concentrate on flowing lines and the finish of the piece.

I’ve also recently discovered that polishing metal makes it all shiny.  Who knew?!  To that end I’ve taken special care over the metal work.  This comprises brass plate and copper brake pipe which I’ve soldered together.

Here’s a pic of the piece before it was dyed.

And here’re some further pics of the piece.