Finally finished that Steampunk Armour I was working on.

I actually finished this a while back but hadn’t had a chance to get some pics of it.  So here’s the finished piece from the Lincoln Asylum 2012.

I’m fairly pleased with how it came out.  It certainly went down well as I spent most of the weekend being photographed by all and sundry!  In fact me Tom, Julia and Rachel often ended up with banks of photographers snapping us which was abit weird but very nice!

Pictures from the Asylum

So here’re some pics from the Asylum. There’s quite a few of Tom, Rachel and Julia who I went with. They’re all wearing various steampunk pieces that I’d put together for them.

You might recognise Tom’s as being the chest harness from Beast of the Air and another version of my Brass Man gauntlet.

Here’s some detail of Julia’s – it’s a potion belt and the canister was intended to be some kind of potion dispenser!

Finally here’s a Flickr gallery of the weekend!

Music at the Asylum

Just got back from the Lincoln Steampunk Asylum 2012 which was rather cool.  A few bits to mention so I’m going to do it in a few posts.

First off is the music – I was playing bass for my brother tom.  Think it went OK.

We had some train delays which made everything abit of a mad rush so I didn’t manage to sort much video out luckily a friend of ours Andy Fletcher managed to video a couple of songs for us.

As I’d not actually played guitar in front of an audience since I was about 16 this was my first gig in about 16 years!