Frightfest – Turn off your bloody phone

Forgot to mention these.  I did a few (very small) effects for the ‘Turn off your bloody phone’ idents that played before various films at this years Frightfest.

These included a prosthetic finger for one sketch and adding blood effects to some silhouette footage for others.

I got abit carried away with this one. It was only a joke – but James the chap I was doing them for kept asking for more blood so I thought ‘right, let’s see how far we can go’.  Turns out he ended up using the shot ;0)

And finally I should probably mention this one which was created by Can Evrenol who I worked with on To My Mother and Father.

I didn’t have anything to do with this one, but there was a fair bit of controversy about it.  Can’t think why ;0)


So as I mentioned I got hold a particle system plug-in for After Effect called Particular, and I’ve been having abit of a play and have put together a few vids.

This one was inspired by a video of the ‘Festival of Colours’ I saw on YouTube where they basically throw handfuls of coloured powder about.  Looks incredible and I liked the idea of having explosions of colour.

I therefore used some of the smoke presets in Particular and attached the emitters to null objects with ‘wiggle’ expressions making them vary their position randomly a given amount each second.

It’s abit different for me in that it’s…well, abit nice.  I therefore decided to ruin it for everyone by destroying any notions of beauty that may have cropped up by pointing out that colour’s only something that occurs in their heads ;0)

I had an idea to do a quick video of someone standing on a bridge on the southbank in London and conjuring up a spell in their hand which they’d then fire at the London Eye, destroying it.  I figured it’d be relatively easy to get some decent shots if I popped down there one day with my camera.  I could also go for a ride on the Eye and get some shots from inside overlooking the Thames.

Anyway, before doing all that I thought I’d have a practice.  With this one I have the emitter parented to a null object which travels in a circular path in 3D.  That has a wiggle expression to give it some random movement.   There’s also a light parented to the null which gives the particles some shading.   The whole particle layer is then parented to a motion track of the hand so that it moves as the hand moves.

There are optical flares attached to the lights and a spotlight pointing downwards from the orbiting null object.  This projects light onto a 3D copy of the hand layer on which I’ve keyed out the background so the light only falls on the hand.

The idea of destroying London landmarks must have stuck as I started working on this video of the BT tower exploding.  I’d shot some footage for this a while back so I thought I’d have a practice exploding something.  There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this one, although I did have a go at removing the noise on the video then reapplying it as an adjustment layer over all the elements to try and integrate them together a little better.  Not sure if it’s made much of a difference.