A chorus of agony from Heaven……

Here’s a video showing the angel and demon sculpture…..


The demon sculpture is now more or less finished apart from the tentacles that will be bursting from it’s body. I’ve mostly been concentrating on the details of the hands and feet which can be quite fiddly given the size of the sculpture.

The sculpture’s made from a polymer clay which can be hardened by cooking it in a standard domestic oven. I made the hands to be detachable so that I could work on them separately and cook them in advance of the main sculpture. This is because it can be very easy to get your hand looking perfect then accidentally whack it whilst working on another part of the sculpture and destroy all the fine detail you’ve put into it. I kinda wish I’d done the same with the feet.

I’ve now cooked the entire demon sculpture so it’s all finalised and ready for painting. There were one or two cracks in the sculpture after cooking but nothing serious.

I’m going to reinforce the armature hidden in the cloak as it’s sagging abit under the weight from the demon and angel.


Here are a few more pics of the angel and demon sculpture.

The angel is abit more complete now……..

I’ve also been adding deformities to the demon character…………

There’re going to be two swirling tentacles emerging from the parasitic twin on the demon’s back which will swirl around the sculpture, counterbalancing the swirling folds of the angels cloak.


Been reworking the angel character slightly, modifying the shoulders and hips to get the female proportions of the body correct.

Once I’ve got the proportions correct I can start adding detail – you don’t want to spend hours on the head for example, only to have to destroy it cos you’ve made it too big!

Angel(s) & Demon(s)

Nothing to do with Dan Brown, but rather a new sculpture I’m working on.  The armature was designed so each figure can be seperated from the main piece so they can be worked on separately.  The wings and swirls of cloth are also detachable.

The female angel is going to be spearing the male figure (which is going to be a demon) through the chest.  I had initially thought about having the female on the bottom but that might’ve had slightly troublesome connotations so decided to do it this way.

The male demon is going to be ‘corrupted’ with tentacles and other mutations. I wanted to get the human form sorted before I start doing anything more outlandish though…

More pics available here.