The Asylum Steampunk Convention, Lincoln

Photo by Ivor Robinson
Photo by Ivor Robinson

So I spent the weekend in Lincoln for the Weekend at The Asylum which is the UK’s largest Steampunk Convention.  The event takes place in and around Lincoln castle which is a fantastic venue.  The event itself takes it’s name from the victorian prison which is housed in the grounds of the castle.

We’d not been before but I had a great time – there are some amazing costumes out there, some of which are pictured in the Flickr gallery below.  Steampunk’s great because it has something for everyone, so while alot of people are into the costumes and dress (which I’m not so much) there are also some crazy gadgets for prop makers such as myself and well as a decent smattering of filmmakers and musicians in there.

I’ve already spoken to someone about doing some effects for a web series and there’s also been some chatter about doing a Steampunks vs Zombies short which sounds fun!  I offered to do some effects if it happens.

299696_10150278095941237_622316236_8198126_1626164104_nThe gauntlet went down well and I had loads of people coming up and asking about it and taking pics which was nice.  It does mean I’ll have to come up with new gadgets for next year.  I have an idea knocking about for a steampunk predator shoulder cannon.  Might be interesting.  I’m also going to be playing bass for my brother so we can do some gigs.  We’ll have to see if they’ll let us play at next years event.

I also got interviewed by a few people, one who was making a documentary on the Asylum and again by The Geek Show so it’ll be interesting to hear how that has come out.

The event itself was a mixture of costume competitions, book launches, races (!), dances and gigs.  I rather enjoyed The Men that will not be Blamed for Nothing, a steampunk band,  Pocketwatch,  a banjo/guitar/cello threepiece and Thomas Truax a solo performer who used his own crazy contraptions to create music which was pretty spectacular.

Here’s a Flickr gallery.