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So, finished the Terminator makeup.  Wahoo!  Got to admit it was alot harder to apply than I thought it’d be, but then I was applying it to myself with one eye covered without my glasses on.  Still, it proved quite difficult and I had particular problems getting the edges of the makeup smoothed down.  I think it turned out OK in the end, see what you think though…..

And here’s a short bit of video I decided to put together.

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So here’s some pics of the finished Terminator makeup prosthetic piece, all painted and ready to go. I’ll applying this later and shooting some video so will post it once it’s all done.

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Just a quick update on the Terminator makeup.  I’ve finished the metal skull section of the makeup and am now casting up the gelatin flesh piece.

Here’s some pics

The eye piece is made from a wheel rim from a toy car, the camera mount that I pulled out my camera when I accidentally smashed it, a red stud designed to be used in jewellery making, an LED and some foam core and super glue holding it all in place.

I had originally intended to have the eye piece removable and held in place by magnets, but it was proving quite fiddly try to get all that in one small space so I decided to just glue it in place.  I might try and make it removable if I ever decide to wear the makeup to a fancy dress party or something.

Finally, I’m gonna do a short bit of video with the makeup once it’s finished and I thought it’d be cool to have a terminator poster in the background.  As luck would have it the latest issue of Empire comes with one.  Awesome!

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Quick update on the terminator make-up.  Probably doesn’t look that that different – I’ve just tidied up the edges, tried to give it an appropriately ‘torn flesh’ look.  I’ve also tried to get a skin texture to it by stippling the clay with a brush laden with turpentine – the turps helps to soften the clay, makes the texture look abit softer.  Seems to look OK, it’s quite subtle though so not sure how well the fine detail will carry across once I’ve made the mold.

Here’s a few pics

And here’s some details of the …well, detail.  I’ve added some frown lines to the forehead and even added the scar I have on my forehead ;0)  Not quiet sure how easy this is to see in a photo.

This is almost done to be honest.  I’ll do a final once over before I make the mold.  I’m holding off slightly – I’m waiting for the gelatin I’ve ordered to arrive before I make the mold just so I can get a feel for the material before I start – I’ve not used it before.  It probably won’t make much difference, but just in case.

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So been working on the makeup.  I’ve cast the metal skull in resin with an aluminium filler powder mixed into the resin to give it a metallic look.  I figured this would look more authentic rather than painting it.  I need to get some polish to bring the sheen out abit more (hopefully!)

I’m sculpting the rest of the makeup in super sculpey from which I’ll then make a plaster mold.  The finished piece will then be cast in gelatin.  I’ll also be rigging up a red light for the eye piece.

I’m sculpting the makeup to go all the way across the forehead so there’s a less visible seam line where the makeup meets the skin.  The sections where there’s a gap between the metal skull and makeup will be painted black to give the impression of depth.

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Have decided to do a short video pastiche using the terminator make-up as it’s abit pointless just making the damn thing then not using it for anything! Unless a handy fancy dress party shows up of course.  The last one I went to had a 30s theme, so a cyborg might not’ve fit in.  They are time travellers though I guess….

Anyway, I digest…

I’m going to do something similar to the scene in the first film where the terminator fixes himself after the car crash.  The idea I have is that it starts off with a close up of water .  Suddenly a drop of blood falls in and swirls around.  The shot widens til we see a figure standing in front of a bathroom mirror.  He rather ominously picks up a craft knife and does something to his face, then a drill.   The shot then changes to over the shoulder and we see the metal skull etc in the mirror.  He then picks up his gun and departs.

Nice and short and easy.  I had great fun dripping droplets of food colouring into the bathroom sink last night.  Creates some rather nice patterns.

I’ve also made a mold of the sculpture for the make-up pictured in the last post so will be ready to cast it up soon.  I’ve found some aluminium powder in the cupboard which I bought for something else a while back.  I’m going to mix it into the resin to give it a metallic effect instead of painting the piece.  Should give it a more authentic look.

Pics and video soon as they’re ready!

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Been working on the terminator make-up, just tidying up the edges and smoothing it out.

I’m using this model for reference.  It’s a hot toys figure so it’s pretty detailed.

I’ve also ordered some gelatine and adhesives from this website which is rather cool:

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I’ll be doing some prosthetic robot make-up soon for the Measure of a Man music video I’m currently working on.  We’re going to be making Tom and Pete look like robots with some wires and other mechanical bits showing from under their skin.

In preparation, I’ve come back to a piece I started working on a while back which is a terminator make-up.  This is a refinement on my previous attempt (pictured below to the right) which I did a while ago. I felt it was too bulky and there was a very obvious line visible on the skin where the prosthetic met the flesh.

The new version is designed to be alot thinner and be comprised of separate parts rather than being one large piece.  So where-as before the make-up piece covered the eye socket with a fibre glass shell, this one will leave the eye socket open. The red LED this time will be a separate piece which will sit over the eye and be removable, held in place by magnets.  Additionally rather than building up the prosthetic piece to give a sense of depth, I’ve instead decided to make the make-up very thin and use black water based make-up on the skin below the prosthetic to give the impression of depth.

Additionally, the previous version was made of silicon which made it difficult to get a decent blend between the skin and make-up.  This time round I plan to use a different material, perhaps gelatin.  The advantage here is that you can melt the edges with isopropyl alcohol to blend them into the skin.  At least I’ve been told you can, I’ve not tried it myself!

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