Surrey Steampunk Convivial

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention I took a few bits and bobs along to the Surrey Steampunk Convivial a few weeks ago.  We had a small exhibition in the illustrious location of the church hall kitchen 😉

It was nice to be able to share my various sculptures with people as they’ve only seen the inside of my front room so far.  As usual the mask proved popular.  One chap said he was using it as his facebook profile picture which was nice.

My gauntlet also garnered a fair bit of interest.  Here’s Pandora and Lance modelling it!  I was thinking I should set up a stall where people can come and try on my stuff 😉

And here’s a pic of the angel.  I’ve not had a chance to do a proper batch of photos of this one yet, so that’s due.

Here’re a few more pics too.

Brass Man

So here’s the gauntlet,   perhaps slightly inspired by Iron Man,  nearly finished.  I’ve finished detailing and dying the leather now just need to sort out the electronics to make the crystal glow.    I’ve also added a brass panel on the back of the hand as the area was becoming a little festooned with rivets which didn’t look too good.