Chroma Key Test

Just been doing quick test of my chroma key setup. This is very rough (the lights are in the way!), but it’s just to check it all works ahead of shooting the final scenes for the Measure of a Man Music Video

I’ll be compositing shots of the guys in their robot makeup

Over a photoshopped image of the demolished block of flats

Which has just been destroyed by this:

Robot Makeup

So here’s the finished cast of Tom’s face.  I’ve now started sculpting some makeup over it to make him look like a robot.

The idea is that there’ll be wires showing through the torn sections.  I’ve embedded some in the sculpture itself as well as some bits and pieces from old sets of earphones, there’ll also be some broken wires hanging free from the damaged sections.

I’ve also bought some LEDs which will be wired into the finished piece.  There’ll be some blue ones which will will be embedded in the torn sections to give them a blue glow.  There’ll also be some hanging out of the makeup on the ends of wires.

The makeup’s going to be cast in gelatin in the same manner as the Terminator makeup I’m also currently working on.  I want to get a kind of a plastic look to the flesh though, making it look like they’re a synthetic robot rather than some kind of cyborg – I don’t want them to look like the terminator hence the blue LEDs.