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Behold!  A video of my Demogorgon sculpture from  Stranger Things  :)

I’ve done so many complicated sculptures recently I just wanted to do a quick sculpture, no moulds, no pressure chambers anything like that.

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Here’s a quick sketch I’ve been doing using Chavant Le Beau Touche. I quite like it so I think I might develop it into a bust. I’m going to keep the surface as rough clay so it’s a little more stylistic rather than being a finely honed piece.


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So here’re a bunch of sculptures I’ve been working on.  The thinking is that they’ll all end up for sale on Etsy.

I’m doing a lady version of my Cenobite sculpture, a miniature of my steampunk mask as well as a few original sculptures.

I’ve actually managed to get one posted already!  Three whole views!  These are gonna fly off the shelf…… ;)

Doing some small scale sculptures is quite a nice way of realising various ideas without going to the effort of building full scale versions of steampunk items.  I might do some miniature gauntlets and some more masks perhaps :)

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I’ve finished the sculpture I was working on.  This was quite fun to do so I  might try and do a few more.

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Started doing a small piece just for practice.  I don’t do much sculpture just for the sake of it these days.  I’m trying to concentrate on getting the musculature correct.

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That’s not because I haven’t been doing anything but because everything I’ve been doing has been SECRET!

First off I sculpted up a bust of my dad for my mums 60th birthday.  Couldn’t post anything in case she happened to look at my website!


I’ve also been doing some design work for a few potential feature films.   Can’t really post anything as they’re all in the initial planning stages.   The first is a horror film by Can Evrenol who I did a short film with last year.  The second is steampunk film entitled ‘The Wicked Mr Danior’ directed by Ben Mart.  There’s a facebook group following the development here.  I’ll be designing and building an evil steampunk dentist’s chair, which’ll be nice.

Apart from that I’m also currently working on a bunch of other sculptures as well as depicted here:


My desk’s kinda getting taken over by them.  The purpose of some is also SECRET so I won’t elaborate any further except to post a  few more pics ;o)


Finally I’ve also been doing a sculpture of my sister.  Mostly to practice doing likenesses.  It’s not quite there yet, but along the right lines.


Oh, and finally I’m also working on something else, which is also SECRET ;0)

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