Making a Robot Head Part 5 – Soldering and Final Detail Work

I’ve finished my video series!  In this part I add the final bits of detail to the stand and give it a final paint.

I really enjoyed doing these so I’ll definitely be doing more.  In fact I have more ready to go 😉  I’m also away on an ‘artists retreat’ next week so I’ll be working on some new sculptures and videoing the work on them 🙂

Making a Robot Head Part 4 – Scratch Building Detail and Soldering Copper

Here’s part 4 of my video series which covers making some more mechanical detailing out of various bits and pieces.  I also solder some pipes together to create a stand to hang the model from.

This was intended to be the last part of the video series however the video was getting a little bit long so I’ll be doing a part 5 to cover the final steps of the build.

Making a Robot Head Part 3 – painting

Here’s part 3 of my Robot Head Tutorial where I concentrate on the painting and use some of the weathering techniques I’ve previously tried.

I decided I didn’t like the initial paint scheme so I actually do it twice in the vid!

Here’s a pic of the painted piece.


Making a Robot Head Part 2 – details

So here’s part 2 of my robot head tutorial.  Work is progressing quickly on this and I’m enjoying putting the videos together.  I tend to watch alot of video tutorials as it’s always interesting to see how other people work and there are usually some interesting tips to pick up, so it’s fun to have a go myself.

I’ve now moved on to the bit I was really looking forward to – painting!  So part 3 will be along fairly shortly 😉

Making a Robot Head Part 1 – Basic Sculpting

I’ve started making some video tutorials.  If you’re a regular on my site (assuming people actually look at it – the analytics seem to suggest some people do! 😉 ) you may have noticed a ‘tutorials’ tab appeared in the menu recently.  I’ve a few text tutorials in there, but I wanted to start doing some video tutorials too, so here’s the first which involves making a new version of my ‘machine head‘ sculpture.

I quite enjoy putting together videos and I’m actually finding that doing the tutorial is actually helping me persevere with the sculpture and get it finished – I’m notorious for not finishing projects!

I’ve also made enough sculptures (and made enough mistakes!) to be able to offer some useful pointers, I think.  When I was at Steampunks in Space recently I was struck by how many people were interested in sculpture and were asking about what material to use, how to get started etc.

This is going to be a regular thing and part 2 is already on the way… 😉