Tom Slatter at Kew Bridge Steam Museum 02

I’ve done a short new vid.  This incorporates some more footage of my brother playing at Kew Steam Museum as part of the Steampunk Exhibition that ran there this year.

I’d already done a vid of some of Tom’s songs in my previous blog post but I had a little more and decided to do another vid.  This time round I wanted to include some FX so we have Tom projecting the video into mid air using my steampunk gauntlet.

To do this I motion tracked the light in the palm of the gauntlet so that we had the x,y motion of the gauntlet however I also wanted the camera to pan around the video as it plays to show that it ‘really is’ hanging in mid-air.  There is 3D tracking software available but for this I simply keyframed a blank solid in after effects to rotate as the camera pans.

Once I had the motion down I dropped the video in.  I also added a distortion around the edge of the video which warped the background image of Tom.  The idea being that the projection worked by creating a forcefield in mid-air onto which the video image could be projected.  There’re also some particles falling out the bottom edge of the video.  Dunno what they represent, they just looked nice ;0)

The final parts were to grade the video and add some flashing lights to Tom’s face and the walls to make it look like the light from the video was interacting with the scene.  This was done with an adjustment layer and a wiggle expression varying the opacity of the layer several times a second.  There’s also a 3D camera pull in to the video of Tom playing.

We also took the opportunity to film the last few bits for our Krakomatic 5000 advert.  A fair bit to do on that still but here’s a quick pic of a Kraken being poked with a stick ;0)

Photo 03-11-2011 15 06 40

Tom Slatter at Kew Bridge Steam Museum

I forgot to mention that I did a quick video of my brother playing at Kew Bridge Steam Museum a few months ago.  This was part of the Steampunk Exhibition that was held there.

The vid’s abit rushed but it’s a nice setting for a gig – they had all the engines running so I ran about getting some shots of pistons etc to give the video some variety rather than just having a static locked off camera.  I also tried to shoot each song from a different angle then try to cut between the footage to give the impression of having multiple cameras on the go.  You can end up with the visuals not matching the audio, hopefully it doesn’t notice too badly though.  Again it’s preferable to simply having a single camera angle.

Kew Steampunk Exhibition

So I went along to the exhibition this saturday.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as I’d not heard all that much about it since last year.  As it turned out I found myself on a panel in front of an audience answeringquestions with Herr Doktor which is something of an honour as his stuff is bloomin’ magnificent.  I am not worthy.

DSC_0247Here’s his steampunk space helmet. Fantastic

So that was a little unexpected and a trifle terrifying, but everyone was most pleasant and we had a good chat about building crazy contraptions out of junk.  Which to me at least is what steampunk is great for.

There was also a german TV crew doing the rounds so I think we got videoed doing the panel discussion then everyone piled onto the steam train they have at Kew and went around the block about five times whilst it was covered from every conceivable angle.

I stayed off so I could take some pics and vid which you can see below.

We also got interviewed abit later on and ended up having the same conversation about four times whilst being filmed from different angles.  All good fun.

The exhibition itself is great – they’ve put steampunk items throughout the museum so you sometimes have a hard time guessing which ones are genuine historical pieces and which ones are steampunk.  Not always though.

Here’re a few pics of various bits and pieces.

And here’s a vid of the day:

I also found a video of the first time we were down there, last year.

Kew Steampunk Exhibition

I’m off to Kew Steam Museum tomorrow for ‘The Greatest Steampunk Exhibition

There’re a few of my pieces on display, however I was going through my Tumblr account the other day and look what cropped up:


This mask from Spinning the Compass has been in there since november last year as part of the pre-exhibition display (I left it there after the photoshoot).  Nice that it’s getting some interest – people have even been using it as stock art!


Unfortunately I don’t think the exhibit has my name or web address on the piece so I’ll have to get them to stick a card next to it or something!

Photoshoot at Kew Steam(punk) Museum

DSC_0073So I went along to a photoshoot at Kew Steam Museum today.   This was in preparation for the forthcoming ‘Grand Exhibition’; a Steampunk exhibition of art and craft that will begin in Kew and head around the UK before finishing off in Glasgow.

This is being organised by the same people who ran the steampunk exhibition in Oxford, so it’s quite exciting to be involved.  In addition to this they also ran the Weekend at the Asylum DSC_0018convention that screened Oldroid.  Turns out Oldroid won the short film section!  Wish I’d been able to attend now!

I took along my steampunk goggles and mask for the photoshoot.  I’ve left these at the museum to serve as a preview exhibit for the main event which is beginning in June.  The exhibition will also feature the airship I’m currently shooting.

Kew Steam Museum is a rather impressive building filled with various huge and I mean HUGE steam engines that used to be used to pump water from the river into London.  These things are truly collossal – the halls housing them are abit like cathedrals of steam.

There were about nine steampunks in attendance in total plus two photographers and we spent the days diving in and out of the various exhibits being photographed before heading outside to a working steam locomotive which was pretty impressive.


Here’s a Flickr flash gallery of the whole day.