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I recently went along to support my fiance at The Great British Tattoo show and a few of my zombie sculptures ended up invading her stand ;)  It’s quite a large event and so there was plenty of interest in them over the weekend.


Here’s the piece she did on the saturday.  Her tattoo page is here.


The preceding few weeks saw me painting up a few casts, I even managed to sell one (wahoo!).  I’ll be putting the rest up on my etsy store shortly.


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Here’s the next video in the zombie series, this time looking at making the mould.

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I spent last weekend trying my hand at pressure casting for the first time.  It went pretty well and I’ve produced five casts of my zombie sculpture.  I’m currently in the process of painting them as you can see below.

20170518_134324Here’re the casts.



If you’ve not heard of this process before, it involves putting your mould and casting material into a pressure chamber and letting it cure under pressure. This has the effect of squashing down any air bubbles in the cast into tiny pin pricks and gives you a virtually flawless cast.  I had very few teething problems with this and got some very good results very quickly.

This is quite exciting as a barrier to producing good quality casts has always been air bubbles in the mould.  Now that I’ve got that sorted I can produce accurate copies of my sculptures that are good enough quality to sell, so I plan to set up an etsy shop selling some sculptures in the near future.

Anyway, I’ll be covering all this in detail on my youtube channel so keep an eye out for that.

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Been a little quiet as I’ve been moving house but I’m starting working on projects once more and here’s my latest, a zombie sculpted in Monster Clay!

I’ve also recently invested in a pressure chamber and compressor and so I’ll be able to tackle producing casts of my work in a more professional way.  Stay tuned for interesting, and hopefully not explosive, experiments with dangerous equipment ;)

20170509_224651 2017-04-23 17.22.15


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Here’s a video looking at making the sci-fi helmet I made for my brother’s latest album.


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Here’s the third part of my video series looking at sculpting Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.

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So I recently had an experiment with some EVA foam. This is for some artwork for my brothers new album.

This was my first time using foam and I have to say, I can see what the fuss is about.  It’s really easy to work with and is incredibly versatile.  I think longevity might be an issue – it’s quite soft of course and so won’t stand up to too many knocks, but I’ve seen some products designed to overcome that and if push comes to shove you could cover the whole thing in fibre glass if you really wanted to.

More on this in the future as I have a build video on the way, and of course the artwork for the album.


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Here’s the second part of my video series looking at sculpting Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones.

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Here’s the second part of my ‘Making a Monster’ video.  It covers making a mould using a vacuum chamber, casting and painting.

And here’s part 1 as I just realised I forgot to post it! ;)

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A few months ago I was commissioned to make a steampunk mask and bracer for a musician.  We had abit of a nightmare getting the items to him (he lives in Australia), but they got there in the end!








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